Fallen from the highest you’ve been.
Yet you’re not afraid.


You fall slowly and drift off to wherever the elements guide.
Once on the ground you’ll lay and wait.

Wait for the unknown.

Only hoping the unknown picks you up gently and handles with care.


Inspired by Nature ❤
Thank You For Visiting

Thank You For Visiting

And tonight I’ll leave you behind.

Hold, not onto the sorrow,
But onto the beauty of the times we shared.

I’ll remember the long, hot days under the sun –
The identities we created with various adventures,
faces plastered with concealer,
and made up names to tell to the curious strangers.

I’ll remember the dark days, but choose to live in the bright
moments that brought us heart to heart.

Remember me, not for the hole in your heart,
But for the love you felt, even if it were temporary.

For I’ll remember you, and us, and this place.

The Drinking Game

The Drinking Game

Glass half full.
Look to the left – bottle empty.
Look to the right – going for round two.

I’m falling behind.
Tilt my head back and now it’s empty.
Quick, catch up on round two.

Three down, but they’re still going.
Don’t stop until you’re caught up.

The world spins.
Faces blend together.
Let’s stop before it’s too late.

Look to the left.
Look to the right.
They’re still going, so why put up a fight?


Solace In Solitude

Solace In Solitude

Hello Sir,
Take me by the hand, but only for the night.
My heart will not speak to you,
For opening that red, bloody door is too much of a fight.
For only this one night, your physical feelings will suffice.

Hello Sir,
I call for you on this quiet night.
Please come mask the emptiness I feel, for only this one night.
Goodbye Sir,
You’ve been kind to my guarded door.
I’ve asked little of you,
but you’ve delivered more.
Your company was nice,
But I prefer to sit alone, on this empty floor.
For Tonight is Filled with Only Sorrow.

For Tonight is Filled with Only Sorrow.

The voices on the flickering screen mask the noises you make.
It’s after I sit to the sound of the night,
That your message gives me clear sight.
I hear now.
The way it caresses against your chest.
The curves it creates on your mouth.
The serenity engulfing your soul.
Hold onto that light,
And you’ll be guided through the sorrow of the night.
I see now.