Fuckin’ A!

Fuckin’ A!

I did it again.

I allowed myself to enjoy your company. I allowed you to wrap your arms around me.

I let your lips kiss my forehead. I let your heartbeat race against my body.

Why did you let this happen? Did you not know this effect you had on me?

We were just living in the moment, so why couldn’t those feelings just stay in that moment?

Why did they follow me home?

Now I have to put distance between us, again. Does “again” have to mean “forever” this time?

Fuckin’ A,                                                I hope not.



I’m standing in front of you.

I was hoping that you grew

But that you was nothing but a tall tale.

You would’ve been number three,

But nothing about you grew.

That had me looking at pale.

For Tonight is Filled with Only Sorrow.

For Tonight is Filled with Only Sorrow.

The voices on the flickering screen mask the noises you make.
It’s after I sit to the sound of the night,
That your message gives me clear sight.
I hear now.
The way it caresses against your chest.
The curves it creates on your mouth.
The serenity engulfing your soul.
Hold onto that light,
And you’ll be guided through the sorrow of the night.
I see now.